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Dedicated Apps For Online Slots

One of the most significant trends in slots gaming over the last couple of years has been the significant rise in the number of people choosing to game on their mobile device. Not long ago pretty much the only option for enjoying online casino games was via a PC. However market trends show that now the mobile market is pretty much close to parity with this platform. While this is a great leap forward – it makes gaming more accessible and convenient for casual play – there is one catch. This is the two major mobile platforms – iOS and Android – are not inter-compatible.

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This means that game developers need to release two different programs for every release. This isn’t usually a big deal for the top, most popular games, but for smaller titles players may find that the slot they wish to play simply isn’t available on their handset. Throw in the significant fact that there’s thousands of games out there, and makes choosing a suitable platform a pretty important choice. There’s also the issue of being able to search through all the available games – as you can bet there’s many hidden gems out there that so far yet to receive major exposure.

The Solution

Increasingly we’re now seeing dedicated apps being released that seek to enable users to make the very best gaming experience specific to their platform. These seek to list, compare and review the vast majority of games out there while also providing users with up to date information as to how to play their games most effectively. In a way they are essentially ‘magazine’ style apps that add an interactive edge, and some of them do provide a very useful resource for players keen to keep up with the latest trends in the market.

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It’s a very interesting trend and one that certainly serves to highlight the ever growing popularity of online app based slots gaming. There’s no doubt that gambling, and slots in particular are an ever more mainstream form of entertainment – so it’s perfectly logical that dedicated apps that support this trend should be emerging.

Here’s An Excellent Example:

So where can we find a quality example of a world best guide for slots? Slots2Slots is an excellent service that is focused upon delivering an in depth yet accessible information service for slots aficionados.

Rather than just listing all the available games that Android users can enjoy, this app takes things considerably further. They specialize in providing informative articles regarding new and upcoming releases, as well as educated suggestions on which apps users should be downloading in order to enjoy the best value and bonuses on the market. Throw in educational guides explaining the various strategies that players should consider when enjoy a session of slots, and it’s clear to see that this is a very useful app indeed.

There are plenty of other apps out there claiming to offer a similar service – the same is also true for those using Apple based devices – but this is pretty much the benchmark for what service/informative slots apps out to be. In the longer run they can save users money by steering them clear of downloading poor quality gaming apps, which as most players will know can be a frustrating and time-consuming business.

So overall dedicated apps are great for both money players looking for value, and free play/fun players looking for access to the best gratis games. They’re well worth checking out and something all serious gamers should be made aware of.

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