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Amazing Features of Apple iOS 10.0

Here comes some of the great and awesome features of upcoming iOS 10,so come on without any further a do ,lets take a look at them.

Not to forget that this new iOS 10 will come in new iPhone 7 later this year in September which will be fully compatible with the new drones coming in the market to take your flying experience to next level.


  1. Upgraded News App

The News application in iOS 10 has likewise been upgraded and takes after the same configuration dialect as the Music application. Enormous, strong, lovely. It just adds a dash of hues to the blend.

iOS 10 News

Perusing is one of my most loved exercises on the iPad yet I never enjoyed the past adaptation of News application. It felt excessively old school, similar to an old daily paper.

Be that as it may, now the UI is a great deal more cutting edge and it looks engaging. I may very well begin utilizing it consistently.

  1. Double Pane Proactive Screen

Much the same as the iPhone, the gadgets screen has been supplanted by the Proactive screen.

You can swipe left from the lock screen or the home screen to see the Proactive screen. That is loaded with Spotlight inquiry, iOS’s default gadgets and outsider gadgets.

The main distinction is that here the screen is two sheet. You now have two segments and you can tweak them all things considered. So you can add your most imperative gadgets to one side segment (which is more extensive) and keep every single other gadget to one side.

Include gadgets screen

The Proactive screen is additionally open from the Notification Center, insofar as you’re in application and not on the home-screen. It’s not separated on top like it used to be yet you’ll see two specks at the base. Swipe left and you’ll get to the same Proactive screen.

Some awesome gestures for easy usage

Swipe right on the lock-screen.

Swipe right from the primary page on the home-screen.

Swipe right from the Notification Center in case you’re in the application.

  1. Your iPad Can Be a Smart Home Hub

Home application in iOS 10

Yes, you can control your keen home gadgets from your iPhone and iPad’s Control Center however it’s truly useful on the off chance that all the controls are docked some place – physically. So other individuals in your home – say visitors or the elderly can likewise turn on the lights.

Presently you can simply purchase a shoddy iPad, associate it to your Wi-Fi, ensure it’ always connected to for charing and transform it into a brilliant home center point utilizing the Home application. You can do this by setting an associated iPad as a “Home center” from Home Settings.

I think this iOS 10 iPhone app for home automation will make your home management very easy and fast.

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