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How to track and control phone history of your employees?

If you don’t know what people in your office do during working hours, your business will fail sooner or later. When employees know that no one controls their job and no one watches what they are doing, they become lazy and spend time on social networks or simply on shopping. If you care about the future of your company, this article is for you.

can my employer see my browsing history on my phone

Installing the software for monitoring the staff on the mobile phones is a straightforward and efficient tool to monitor employee’s productivity. What are the benefits you can get from this product:

  • To know the purposes for which your employees use cell phones of the company.
  • To check where your employees are during working hours.
  • To find out that company secrets are not disclosed to third parties.
  • Listen to how employees interact with customers.
  • Check phone history of your employee’s mobiles.
  • To be always aware of the conflicts in the team of your business.

How to install and use the software?

If you have never monitored the work of your staff with the help of software, you can hire a person or few people to do this. The number of individuals will depend on how many people you want to monitor and track. The first thing to do will be installing the software on all the computers in the office. You can do it remotely if the equipment and laptops are switched on. You should have a remote access program to do this. If you don’t have it, you will need to install it on each computer.

After the installation is finished, you will choose the options that you will need. For example, you may need only tracking the location and recording calls. In this case, you will install software only on phones. Or you may want to take screenshots, read messages, etc. No matter what your aim is, you will have to configure how often you want to get the results and where you want to see them. The optimal variant is receiving them onto your email box.

The legal aspect of tracking staff:

Everything you monitor at work should not harm the personal life of your employees. Otherwise, they may even call the police, and you will have problems. Be aware that you cannot use a phone tracker to find out any details from the personal life of any of the staff. You cannot track their private phones. It’s illegal. To make sure you’re doing it right, you can add the line about tracking and monitoring to the contract. If someone doesn’t want to be watched, this person will just find another job.

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