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PUBG mobile season 13

During the previous week, the major details and the features associated with the PUBG mobile season 13 update were leaked. This new update brings extraordinary experience on all devices.

Therefore this gave us a glimpse of the key changes which we expect and which are expected to be evident in the season 13 royale pass.

Therefore we expect new weapons to be manifested and also other in-game tweaks and improvements. This is an improvement from the previous season which had various issues.

These will be fixed in the coming update. The organization has confirmed that season 13 of PUBG Mobile will start with an update which is expected on May 17, 2019. In relation to the leak, there are sensitive details such as the time this will be available, the update size and also the Royale pass information among other details.

Additionally, the players will have the opportunity to use the Scorpion gun and also the smoke trail which is an amazing feature.

Pubg Season 13 – First Revealed

Mr. Ghost Gaming first revealed the details of the reveal of the PUBG mobile leak and he made claims that season 13 of the PUBG mobile game will be manifested in the 0.12.5 update.

Once the game is released, the rollout will start in the Samsung Galaxy store, the android play store and the App store. The respective sizes for Android and the IOS platforms will be 219.60mb and 283.98mb.

Therefore, there are new weapons which might be introduced and are expected, the latest skins, the avatar customization tools, and features and also some of the rewards for the layers who will be involved in the purchase of the season 13 Royale pass.

According to a tweet which was made by an official of PUBG, the version 0.12.5 update will be rolled out soon and should reach various regions according to their time which is 1:30pm EST and 4pm GMT+8.

Further, the leak also reveals the season 13 information changes from the previous one, for instance, the tweaked appearance of the survival mode. Thereforewhich are twilight escape settings and the curse of dawn.

Additionally, according to the information, the survival mode will only be played afar the various players have reached the 5fth season and higher.

Additionally, it is aid that the difficulty currently experienced in the twilight escape will also be reduced as the smoke trail will go live in the update.

Pubg Season 13 – Royale Pass Update

PUBG mobile season 13 royale pass

In relation to the season 13 Royale pass, soon after the Pubg updates have been done, registrations will start a day after which will introduce to the players the missions and the Royale pass rewards.

Besides, a friendly bonus will be added in the weekly challenge mission which will give the players additional RP points through the completion of the mission with a friend who has also been involved in the purchase of the Royale pass.

Apart from all these updates, there will also be a tweaked system which will come along with the season 13 update. Therefore, prescheduled weekly missions will also be added which can be done in advance and this will translate to earning new mission cards each week. This feature is available only for the Royale pass buyers.

Additionally, users are not required to complete the 10 missions in the new season due to the fact that they can always open the elite box in order to get new rewards with immediate effect. Passes will also be given to the top players during the first week of season 13 Royale pass.

Finally, when the Royale pass goes live, there will be the introduction of a new ranking system and also the renewal of the rank-based tier achievement award will also be available.

Tweaking has also been done in the in-game shop and this ensures that the players involved can check the helmet designs and also the skins separately.

However, there is another feature which was expected but has been canceled called the “conquer admission effects.” For the items which can be customized, a new mustache stele will be availed, with new gun skills, for instance, M4, AKM, Kar 98K, USI, and the helmets.

The new weapon in PUBG update

weapon in PUBG update

According to the season 13 update, there are numerous exiting features which are expected to be released in the season 13 update of PUBG which will revolutionize the lives of the players.

From the various exciting events to the skins which are expected to the dynamic weather and the seasons and lastly, the pubg guns and the Pubg Weapons.

Speaking of the gun, there was an introduction of the G36C assault rifle in the previous update which was the fat companion of the UMP9 SMG rifle.

Even though this was one of the most significant updates of the time, there was a restriction of the rifle to the PUBG Mobile snow map which was the Vikendi Map.

Therefore during this update, the restriction will be removed and this gin will be launched in each and every map in the PUBG game. Additionally, there will be the introduction of the Skorpion, which is a machine pistol gun type capable of feeding the 9mm bullet sizes.

This is according to the details of the PUBG mobile version which have already been leaked.

Additionally, as anticipated, the gun will not take any space for the other guns as it can be a pocked SMG. Therefore, this will come with a 20 size magazine which is further customizable to a size of 40.

The main task here will be the reloading of the gun which will be a task since it is only associated with the Extended Mag and it is not characterized as the quickdraw or the extended quickdraw mag.

According to the contents and the specifications of the gun, others such as the handgun category fits and it will also be using the Micro UZI stock in order to attain better stability. With the lower rail fittings and the suppressor, the gun will even be more silent. The fittings include the laser light, the half grip, the light grip, and the vertical foregrip.

There are two modes which can be used in the gun which are the auto mode and the single mode.

Additionally, it is a deadly gun since it will have a hit-damage of close to 22. This will be a bliss and the user can get the opportunity to test the capability of the gun during the training before they can get to the battlefields.

Top features expected in PUBG Mobile season 13 update

Players all around the world are really excited to know what PUBG mobile has in store for them and the various improvements which have been done from the previous season. With the season, the latest update 0.12.5 will also be available and for passionate gamer’s, this is going to be fun.

Therefore, during this production season, there are more rewards and updates which have been incorporated to it. This is in relation to leaked information about the update which everyone awaits.

Therefore, these are some of the top features which are expected to be present in the game;

  • Parachute trail

This will come along together with the 0.12.5 update and players will have the privileged to use the parachute trail.

Therefore, this means that in the event where a player jumps off a plane, there will be a very colorful trail which will follow him/her down.

This might be one of the most interesting updates I season 13 and this is because it will be fun to view the colorful trail once the May 17, 2019 update will be done.

Apart from the trail, the airplane itself is expected to have various beautification effects. This will be evident in the event that it will be flying over various locations. Therefore, the effects will change in line with the geographical area and the different sections of the maps.

  • Beard look

This is another major update which is expected in season 13. PUBG mobile users will experience the beard look and this will come in different versions.

Therefore, each of the players will have the opportunity to change their beard in relation to the male avatar.

Along with the beard, the players will also be able to change their hairstyle and this will come in the customization settings just below the beard settings.

However, we are not sure that this will be a free feature yet. This is due to the fact that the feature might be only available to the players who will get involved in the purchase of the royale pass for season 13.

Therefore, due to the quality of the feature, we are not sure that this amazing feature will be given for free. This beard look will be one of the best representation of the avatars in the game and might be only available for the royale pass holders.


This is one of the most significant pubg updates for the players since they will have the opportunity to view the companion feature.

According to the plans, this was to be availed in the previous season and the last update but it was not possible. This was caused by the delays in the programming by PUBG mobile.

However, in the May 17, 2019 update which will come along with the 0.12.5 update, there will be a manifestation of the companion feature. This companion feature will be having various levels which will be unlocked by a special item.

Therefore, once the player plays the game and is involved in unlocking of more levels, more emotes for the companion will be available. Additionally, players will have the ability to change the names of the companions with the various name cards which will be availed as well.

However, Falcon will be the default name of the companion for each and every player and this sounds good as a companion.

  • Unlocking the companion

The companion will be visible in the same way as the skins and other features which come with the game. Therefore, the player will get a white and black colored companion box and when one opens it, he/she will get a companion who is the falcon and also some food will be there to feed the companion. The companion will be visible in the same way as the skins and other features which come with the game. T

herefore, the player will get a white and black colored companion box and when one opens it, he/she will get a companion who is the falcon and also some food will be there to feed the companion.

  • Visibility to others

The player of the game can make the decision to show the companion to the team members but will not be visible to the enemies in any way. Therefore, this provides the players with confidence while playing the game.

Therefore, the companion is just like a friend who will be by one’s side and this means that one won’t be alone in every section of the map, even when involved in hunting for resources and guns.

Even when surrounded by the enemies the companion will be by the players’ side and there will be different settings where the companion can show stress or joy.

Reward system

This is another feature in the update where the players will have the ability to get various items through watching the videos. Therefore, PUBG mobile will be able to send players various rewards and this is every time a player watches a certain video.

However, only three videos are available to be watched in a day. We, therefore, expect that some coupons will be available as rewards for watching the videos and this will be availed in the reward section of the game.

400-500mb update size without maintenance break

This will be another major Pubg update and feature in the 0.12.5 update and this means that there will be no maintenance break in the game. Therefore, it means that the updates will not be external but will be provided in the game.

This update will have a size of close to 500 MB. The game will be availed and downloadable in the google play store from the 17th of May in 2019 and this is as soon as the update will be pushed in the entire server.

Along with the above-mentioned features, there are other features which will be manifested in the 0.12.5 update which are new rewards connected to the royale pass in season 13.

Additionally, the previous version has had various glitches such as the single tap glitch which will be fixed as well. Additionally, there are new daily challenges which will be introduced in the game which will be fun for the players.

Revamping of Erangel

The 0.12.5 Pubg update will come along with various changed features and the map of PUBG mobile, Erangel. The developers have been involved in the consideration of various factors before they decided to incorporate this change which will have new buildings, the hilly regions and also other changes which will be fascinating to the users.

  • New death animation

In the season 13 update of PUBG mobile, the death animation is also set to be changed. However, this might be unrealistic for some of the players while to others, it may be considered as funny.

A New Feature of “Rest Before Playing”

PUBG developers have received the various complaints of young users engaging in the playing of the game very much. This is why they have come out to introduce a new gameplay management system which will have the primary reason as the encouragement of the players to track their time while involved in playing the popular game.

Consequently, they took this into consideration after they heard numerous complaints of parents who said that their little children were involved in the game too much and this would affect their studies negatively.

This is why the update will have an age lock software which will deny underage people from engagement in the game.

Therefore, there will be a confirmation where the players are asked about their age when they first access the game. Therefore, before they can be left to play the game, any of the players who will be underage will have to read and acknowledge the gaming advisory before they can be allowed to play the game.

Additionally, added to the game will be various pop-up notifications between the matches which will serve the main purpose of reminding the players to stop playing the game and rest for some time.

The time will be tracked according to how long the users have been logged into the game. This will be one of the most significant features for parents and they can keep track of their children.

Previous Season Detail

According to the Previous Version of the game, the developers have undergone various improvements with time with the previous one being on March 21, 2019.

Therefore, weapons and vehicles were changed during the previous update and also other functionalities were incorporated.

During the previous update, the Royale pass was introduced to the game where gamers had the ability to obtain the pre-access to the new season.

Additionally, the previous version used the G36C rifle which used the 5.56mm ammo. This weapon was exclusive to the snow map but now can be accessed in various map locations.

In the previous update, skins were improved as well. Finally, there was the improvisation of dynamic weather in the previous version which included possibilities of raining, dark crevices and also increase in sunsets.

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